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Tooth Whitening

Before undertaking any type of tooth whitening, it is essential to have a dental examination from a dentist.  Whitening chemicals can  cause inflammation to the nerves of vulnerable teeth.

All Patients teeth discolour with time.  Stainings are absorbed by your teeth and they become grey or brown. Some people are born with darker teeth, and some people have discoloured teeth because of events that occurred as they were forming when they were children.  Below are some methods of whitening teeth.

How to Make your teeth look whiter.

Scale and Polish.

 Over the counter tooth whitening products:


Does Whitening damage my teeth?

With-in moderation tooth whitening is a safe, painless and effective  dental treatment.  Over- use can create problems.

How white can my teeth become?

As a general rule it is difficult to whiten teeth beyond the whites of a persons eyes. Teeth always seem whiter in comparison to a persons skin colour.  Some people use red lip stick to make their teeth appear whiter.

‘Tooth whitening is one of my favourite cosmetic dental treatments.  I’ve used this technique on friends, family & patients.  It’s very popular with couples who getting married.  The procedure is painless and effective. It’s has a dramatic result and I would recommend this to anyone who is considering cosmetic dental treatment.    The process takes about 2-4 weeks and requires a few dental appointments to fabricate your bleaching trays and ensure you have the optimum concentration of tooth whitening gel.’



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The simplest method of improving the appearance of your teeth, is a scale and polishes.  A scale and polish is when a dental professional uses specialist equipment to polish your teeth and clean your gums.   A scale & polish removes the stains caused by tobacco, tea, coffee and red wines etc etc.  Please see Gum & Periodontal Disease Patient information page.


Tooth whitening toothpastes can help maintain a whitened smile.  They will not dramatically change the colour of your teeth.  They are recommended for smokers to remove staining.  However,  for heavy smokers concerned about the discolouration of their teeth I would suggest that you have regular scale & polishes every 3 months and consider smoking cessation.

Over the counter Whitening strips;

Whitening strips are the best form of over the counter tooth whitening.  The whitening material sits on a plastic strip which adheres to the teeth,  The strips are worn for a short period during the day.  Before using them it is essential you have had a dental examination, with  xrays  within the last two years and a scale and polish.

Over the counter bleaching trays;

Non custom made bleaching trays do not provide a seal for the gums and the bleaching agent is allowed to sit onto the gums.  I would not recommend using trays which have not been contructed using a dental impression.

In Office-Whitening;

This is an American term for tooth whitening . It is the name for the  procedures used to whiten teeth while the patient is sat  in the chair in the dental surgery.  The most common IN-Office Tooth Whitening is the tooth whitening light or laser.  This type of whitening requires a strong chemical whitening agent.  The chemical can leave the teeth sensitive for up-to  12 weeks following the procedure, and is not recommended in the winter when the outside  air is cold or for patients who have sensitive teeth.

Other types of IN-Office Whitening are internal whitening for root filled teeth which have turned grey or become discoloured and abrasive tooth whitening where the surface layer of the tooth is removed.