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PAY AS YOU GO are perfect for patients referred from another dentist or a patient who rarely needs to have treatment. They only see a dentist every couple of years to solve a problems and do not care for the financial security of a full plan membership.   

Please find details of the price list below.  Always ensure you get an estimate for your treatment and talk to the dentist, nurse  or receptionist if you are unsure about anything.

Pay as you go price list

Patient price list

Examinations (Adult)

First visit


Recall ( including two xrays )


Recall with scale


Examinations (Child)

  0--2 years

five pounds

  3--9 years


  10--16 years


Emergency appointment

  in opening hours (including extraction/temporary filling)


  out of opening hours

   (not including treatment)


Dental cleaning / Periodontal Treatment

Scale & polish

from  £55

Smoker scale and polish

from  £95

Periodontal treatment per session










from £55 to £120


from  £65 to £180

Root filling

see below

Tooth extractions








An upper  or a lower complete denture

from £550

Partial denture

from £490

A full set of dentures

from £1050

Hard reline (in house)


Soft reline


Denture repair (in house)

from £105

Denture repair at lab


Root filling

Front tooth

from £ 285

Back tooth

from £ 365

Re-dress tooth per visit

from £ 65


Crowns for front teeth

from  £450 to £750

Crowns for back teeth

from  £450 to £750

Veneers /per tooth

from £ 450


from per tooth

from £ 550

Dental Implants *

Initial consultation (1st appointment)


Full assessment (2nd appointment)


CT SCAN ( may be required)


Front tooth including crown

from £2000

Back tooth back tooth including crown

from £1850

Bone graft

( additional materials costs may apply where multiple graft sites are used)


4 x Implants to retained upper denture ( not including denture)

from £4500

 2x Implants to retained lower denture ( not inlcuding denture)

from £3230

Full arch implant restoration (all on four) per arch

from £14000

Mini implant retained lower denture (not including denture)

   from £ 2500

Sedation for anxious patients supplement *

 Intra-venous Sedation

£ 250 + cost of treatment

gas and air (NOT AVAIALABLE)

£ 80 + cost of treatment

Tooth whitening

 In surgery

not available

Tray tooth whitening

 upper and lower teeth


Orthodontic treatment *

Assessment visit 1


Assessment visit 2


Conventional Fixed brackets

Upper or lower fixed brackets (average cost) inc two repairs

not including retainers 12-18 months- estimated


Upper and lower fixed brackets (average cost) inc two repairs

not including retainers 18-24 months- estimated

from £3650

Aesthetic bracket supplement

Damon brackets

£ 190/arch

White brackets

£ 100/arch

Clear tray aligners

Upper and lower arch trays

up to 12 month treatment


Upper or lower arch trays

up to 12 month treatment


Where treatment time extends beyond 12 months an additional fee applies

From £400

treatment includes essix retainers but not bonded retainers.

Palatal expansion device

Quad helix




Removable brace

URA (upper removable appliance)


Twin block



Essix  retainer**


Hawley retainer**


Bonded/ retainer / arch**


Other orthodontic costs

Adjustments / visit**



from 110

Ver. 1.6_04/23

* Treatment costs vary in relation to treatment complexity and inflation.

This price list is a guide for patients to compare.  Treatment costs are calculated from many variable and this may reduce or increase the fees indicated above.  The clinic charge out rate is between  £185-£350 / HOUR. Always ensure you understand the proposed treatment plan and ask questions if you are unsure.

**Orthodontic treatment costs may change during the duration of your treatment.

Treatment is guaranteed where it is stipulated as the most appropriate long term treatment option.   A decision about treatment is made between the patient and clinician.  Where a patient decides to have treatment with a material or technique which is not recommended or is deemed as a temporary measure, no guarantee. The cost of any treatment to solve problems, any replacement, repair, solution to a failure  is held by the patient.

Where patients fail to attend appointments or cancel appointments within two working days. The clinician reserves the right to charge the patient for the lost time. and or cancel the patient’s future appointments and or remove  the patient from active status with the Dental Clinic.