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Cosmetic Makeovers

There is nothing like feeling confident and able to smile.  If you are un-happy with the appearance of your smile and you are considering cosmetic dental treatment, please contact the surgery and arrange an appointment for a consultation.  

A smile can be changed by using dentures, crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants, tooth whitening, orthodontic treatment or by any combination of the above.  We can help find the right treatment to so you just can’t stop smiling.

Please find below brief descriptions of the techniques available  to change your smile.


Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers are similar to false finger nail but made from a glass like material ,called porcelain.  Veneers change the shape and colour of teeth.  Small changes in the shape of teeth can have a dramatic affect for some smiles.   For patients with an ageing smile, veneers can produce a more youthful smile appearance.  

Everything has its  limitations and patients must accept this prior ro accepting a technique. For dramatic alterations to the shape and position of a persons teeth, a combination of crowns, bridges ,orthodontic treatment and veneers can be used. It is always better to maintain as much tooth material as possible.  Sometimes this can result in longer treatment plans but I would say that it give a better result.

Placing a veneer on a tooth is irreversible and once a patient has decided to use a veneer they will always require a veneer or a crown for that tooth.   


All teeth, with time, can move slightly  and produce small twists and folds in a persons smile.  Like a false joint everything need replacing eventually.

Under excessive and or constant pressure the veneers can fracture and  come away from the tooth and require replacing.  The average life expectancy for a veneer is about ten yrs.

Veneers do not protect teeth and if neglected, tooth decay can develop below the veneers. It is essential that patients who undertake complex dental treatment have a regular check-ups.  The earlier a problem is noticed the easier it is to solve.  

Everyone gets older and with time gums can shrink.  This can expose the edges of veneers where they meet the natural tooth.  


With an injection in the gum, approximately 0.5-3 mm of tooth enamel is removed from the tooth surface using a dental drill.  

Dental impressions (moulds) are taken and sent to a dental technician who creates the perfect tooth using porcelain.

Once the veneers are cemented in place the patient experiences a little discomfort, for approximately a week and then the veneers settle into the bite.  For patients who grind their teeth at night or who have teeth prone to wear it is recommended that they wear a clear plastic gum shield when sleeping to prevent damage to the veneers.

Missing a few teeth?

Depending on how many teeth a patient is missing can influence which is the most appropriate way to replace them.

Why not book a consultation today and talk about your smile?

All treatments have limitations it is important you fully understand the treatment options available.  It is important that patients understand the limitations of the treatment, common complication,  and long term care required when embracing invasive dentistry.   Modern medicine has acceptable risks but it is essential a patient is involved in deciding to undertake to undertake a dental procedure, ask your dentist any questions you may have before undertaking the procedure.

The technique of veneers was pioneered on Hollywood stars  in the 1960’s.  I follow the techniques of the French Dentist Pascal Magne to give predictable veneers to make the perfect smiles.


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